In part II of the response I simply re-asked the same questions. This time to the new Deputy Commissioner. I received a more accurate response that included the specific language from the regulation:


From: Olsen, Joanne (DOA) <>
Date: Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 10:24 AM
Subject: Request for information Re: motorhome conversion

Dear Mr. Baker,

 I have assumed Ms. Merlott’s position and am happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding the requirements for a motor home conversion.


A bus or other vehicle converted to a motor home is not necessarily considered a reconstructed vehicle because the body and frame are original. Only the interior of the vehicle has been altered.

A motor home is defined as “A vehicular unit, designed to provide temporary living quarters, built into as an integral part of, or permanently attached to, a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis or van.” The vehicle must contain permanently installed independent life support systems and provide at least four of the following items:

  1. Facilities – cooking, refrigeration or icebox
  2. Self-contained toilet
  3. Heating and/or air conditioning systems for the motor home unit.
  4. Potable water supply system including a faucet and sink
  5. Separate 110-125 volt electrical power supply and/or an LP gas supply.

Title Requirements:

  1. Application for Title and Registration (Form 812) completed and signed by the applicant. The applicant must write a statement in the affidavit section of the application, as follows: This vehicle has been permanently converted to a motor home by installation of: (must list four of the above items required.)
  2. The conversion must be inspected by the DMV to ensure that the above systems are permanently installed.
  3. The original title to the vehicle.

I hope the information I provided is useful.  If you should have additional questions, please contact me at the below phone number or email address.

Joanne Olsen
Alaska Division Operations Manager
Department of Administration
Division of Motor Vehicles
Work: 907-451-5191
Fax: 907-451-5192

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