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Family lined up and gazing at a mountainOur Family

With 10 children age 0 to 18 years most would expect we change a lot of diapers and don’t get out very much. Well, half of it is true. This past year as an Alaskan family we floated hundreds of miles of wild rivers, tore open two rafts upon the rocks, drove ATVs into remote locations, snow machined deep into the bush, caught a freezer full of salmon, camped in the snow, weathered relentless rain storms, wore out a tent, and came home laughing.

Family is what we are all about

Whether building a shed or floating a river it’s about the time we spend with each other. Our adventures offer an opportunity for us to endure a challenge, take risks, and bond as brothers and sisters, parents and children, husband and wife. We strive to develop an intellectual capacity and a love for learning and truth. Working to foster a deep and genuine love for Christ and the salvation of souls. Always focusing on forming a compassionate heart so that as an apostle of Christ our kids will reach out to society in service.


Farming to Adventure

We moved to Alaska in late 2007 after completing a very successful family farm project. A long time dream of my wife Shelby and I. We bought the land, cleared it ourselves, and with the help of family and friends built our own house. The kids built the out buildings and raised animals as home school assignments. Again, all very successful project; however, we found all we did was work. Completely healthy work, but endless toil all the same. And, we questioned just how far our kids would go to serve God, humanity, the planet if we never left the confines of the farm. So we decided to mix it up a bit and engage in a different kind of work – adventure.

Is it work?

So here we are in Alaska, continuing to work. This time its packing food, repairing rafts, maintaining snow machines, traveling into the back country, hunting, fishing, exploring, and getting to know each other and ourselves. Encouraging and supporting each other through incredible journeys where each turn, bend or hill offers an even better scene, challenge, and or adventure.

We also provide limited opportunities for others to experience Alaska. For information about the trips we offer use the Contact Us page. Read along with us in Mike’s BlogMegan’s BlogJennifer’s Blog and our Gear Review Blog


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