Gahh the cravings! Don’t yell at me, yell at my stomach. It’s not my fault that I have a tendency to crave Mountain-House meals but ONLY the stroganoff one

Now don’t be telling me you guys don’t get the rubblie-grublies for freeze dried noodles, gravy, and some chunky substance that I think is meat.

Weird? I think NOT! Its delicious.

In fact, it’s like eating a rainbow. A double rainbow(:


Mountain House bandit strikes again


The world is a funny place. Why people think freeze dried food shouldn’t be served in restaurants is absolutely absurd and ridiculous.

Like I said, they are amazing! Next party ya’ll have pick up some of the dried yummies and serve it to your pals.

They’ll fall in love I swear.

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Mike says:

You seem to enjoy the raspberry crumble ones too, I found another opened bag in the kitchen:(