Little faces and hands pressed against the windows. Their breath forming upon the glass and their grubby hands smearing grime across the window.  Aria, my sweet baby sister they can’t seem to wait much longer for you, there just seems to be no end to the waiting!

Mia-Aurora has made sure your bassinet is adequately comfortable, she has tested your “butt-paste” making sure that it is suitable to your taste, quite literally.  She has made sure that your diapers are comfortable and that you have plenty of friends to accompany you in your bed. The amount of love that has been already shown for you, you could not know.

Sweet Aria-Fern

Sweet Aria-Fern

Home will seem an unfamiliar place at first, although loud voices are welcoming, the hum of the generator a necessity and the aroma of smoke lingering in the air bitter. The eruption of chaos at your arrival and grasping little hands might be alarming, but know that your youngest big sister is just overwhelmingly excited to meet you.

The sounds, they will be familiar to you as they have not changed since you were in the womb. You will recognize the escalating harmony of children’s voices as they begin to trickle into the cabin as they return home from school one by one.

As you sleep through the day you will feel February’s warm rays peak through the trees and great you through the cabin windows. Know that your face will always be peppered with both dry and wet kisses alike.

The constant hum and whistle of boiling water atop the wood stove will comfort you and reaching arms will rock you. You shall never doubt that you are loved by each soul. We have prepared a special place for you, both in our hearts and our home. As I sit at the table, anxiously glancing out the window that faces the icy drive impatiently awaiting your arrival.

You are missed so much even though we have never met.


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