I stared at the stack of unfinished projects leering at my lack of accomplishment. I looked down at the new teal wool yarn that bragged promise of a new entertainment. I had a guilty feeling that I should take out one of the other projects and begin again, but the idea of new yarn was exciting and much more appealing.  

I love the start of a project, but when the new feeling wears off I often put it aside never to be touched again. Unfortunately, I do this with even books and writing. I can’t seem to finish anything. I want to learn how to do everything, thus I don’t have the time to actually finish. But then again, there is nothing to show for my work.

Phin planting our herbs

Phin planting our herbs

I’m the perpetual starter of hobbies and never finishing them. Most times, I start with good intentions. I start with enthusiasm and the craft finds a place on a shelf not to be touched for a good time. There doesn’t seem to be really any type of hobby that hasn’t tickled my fancy.

It is a known fact that the mind seems to starve without entertainment, that it constantly yearns to have stimulation. An unfed mind is much like a child reaching for the nearest thing to eat without thinking if the food is good or bad for health, most often choosing an instant gratification. A mind needs and longs  for the blossoming of imagination, for the ability to stretch ideas and the contours of self expression. An active mind is ever striving to expanded it’s knowledge, through adventure, experience and the senses. A hobby isn’t something that has to be out of the “norm”, the only thing that makes something a hobby is passion and dedication.

I try to live by a quote I once heard “find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative”. I’m finding the passion in any type of activities outside TV and video games a little more rare to find in people. I’ve found that as a society we have become content to reside in the ruts of our daily life, the vortex of technology now molds our free time. The idea of being an “accomplished” person seems to be a concept left in the dust as the work horses of silicon and plastic continues to power our entertainment.

I try to console myself with the idea that at least I tried, at least I attempted to find something to entertain myself other than TV, video games, and my phone. I’ve attempted to expand my person through experience and learning, through the pursuit of alternative entertainment. All the hopes that I might be deemed not as a Hipster, but as an accomplished individual with a well fed mind.


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