Driving up the road to my brother’s house was frightening. We couldn’t see anything while Nemo sent wind whipping the snow around. Everyone was yelling – LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT SOME MORE. “Dad your going off the road turn left!”. Under my breath I’m telling myself, “I’m gonna die”.

 Nemo has struck

I woke up this morning around 4:45AM to the sounds of my dad banging on the door. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed thinking, “Seriously what time is it? And “Uh-oh what happened”.

”Hey I’m stuck at the end of the driveway, can you pull me out with your truck?”


A step from the door into the snow

Into the eye of the storm

I could tell my dad was a little shaken up. His words and mannerisms were much like a squirrel. Since his stroke in May he’s been go go go. Of course, I grab all my snow gear and get ready to hit the snow. I look out the window and my jaw drops, “holy mackerel this is bad, this is crazy, I can’t believe this”. I wanted to burst into tears worried about my moms trek to work.


My brother Ethan also received a phone call to help my dad. I’m not sure what the initial plan was because Ethan’s vehicles were stuck in the garage behind a massive four-foot snowdrift. Chris, dad, and Ethan got the Land Rover out of the ditch with the truck. Meanwhile, the neighbors could be seen watching in horror, probably thinking we are absolutely out of our minds crazy. Especially after our wild wedding this past summer with over 30 people at the house for weeks – most them children. Needless to say they are probably going to move away!


Land Rover plowing the driveway towards me

My perspective as a marker post

Human marker posts

Ethan and I staged ourselves at the end of driveway. In the midst of Nemo we each held flashlights on either side of the now hidden gravel. You see, we were human road markers keeping the vehicle from ending up in the ditch. Dad’s eyesight is not that great and he needs all the help he can get. I am thinking, “don’t they make brightly marked and reflective fiberglass poles to mark ditches and other hazards?” Guess dad thought those were too expensive. Making sure I could move freely in the deep white fluffy stuff I kept an eye on an escape route to ensure that our dear father wouldn’t loose track of where I was and bury me in the ditch.


I will admit it was a lot of fun being out there shoveling and guiding my dad. He managed to push the snow enough to get us out and up to Ethan’s because we needed his four-wheel drive vehicle to bring my mom to work. I was relieved at the news that Ethan was driving her in to the nursing home. First we had to drive up to Ethan’s house and dig out his truck.


Surviving the drive in a Rover

Driving up the road to my brother’s house was frightening. We couldn’t see anything while the wind was whipping the snow around. Everyone was yelling – LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT SOME MORE. “Dad your going off the road turn left!”. Under my breath I’m telling myself, “I’m gonna die”.


You have to know there are two seat belts in that precious Land Rover AND they are in the front where my dad and Ethan were sitting. Me, I am in the back on the cold metal sliding all over the Series III hanging on for dear life waiting to be thrown from the back door that barely latches. It opens, nearly torn from its hinges and a blast of snow and wind rip through the cab stealing what little warm air the motor had mustered. Dad said nothing at first. Then simply asked, “did you even latch that door”?


Land Rover in a snow bank

Land Rover in a snow bank

It was great watching another neighbor stare out their living room window in absolute horror and probably disgust we jumped out of the Land Rover reconnaissance style and boogied up the road to guide my dad into Ethan’s driveway. We were on a mission. The visibility was awful and mixed with my Dad’s eyesight was recipe for disaster. We got 90% through cleaning up Ethan’s driveway and had a couple more passes to free another vehicle. Then, the old Rover’s transmission started to smell. The storm has proven to much for the old car. Dad says, “Time to give the Rover a break”.



Land Rover fights the snow

Only 10 more passes

Ethan says, “Just two more passes dad nothing fancy”. Never tell my dad “nothing fancy”. So TEN more passes and some quick shoveling and the car is free. Now for the treacherous trek to Freeport.

I have enough issues driving in the snow and decided to warm up and recover from the adventure with the Land Rover, flashlights, 50mph wind gusts, and SNOW!




Time for a break

I woke my younger sister to watch on my son while my husband was at work…she reluctantly rolled over and said, “I’m not getting up I’m too tired.”


“Emily, unless you want to drag your little dog out side over these snow drifts you need to get up.” I showed my little sister pictures from the massacre we got last night. She just stared. I got her situated and found my way downstairs to the door. I just stood there for about 10 minutes. “Where the heck do I even begin”, “How am I going to move all this snow”. I slowly shoveled myself a path to bring the dogs out. One went outside while the other took a single look at the snow and booked it back inside and peed on my floor.


One last time into the snow

I asked my dad to fire up the snowblower for me. So I tried it…then exclaimed, “How exactly am I going to push this snow blower through a 5 foot snow drift that runs along almost half the front side of the house?” Very carefully I supposed. The wind was violently throwing the snow against my face. Near blinded I concluded I’d rather shovel then kill myself with the snowblower. I was able to get the snow drift down to about 2 feet the whole length of the half the house as well as the three car garage. That’s ALOT of snow to move. My Dad got the Land Rover stuck AGAIN. Only to be rescued by MY truck in 4wd. He tends to be a little aggressive with those snowbanks.

Running the snowblower

Running the snowblower


From the window

From the window

The storm has passed

My husband got home and finished the snowblowing while I did the final clean up with my shovel.

Needless to say thank God this is the end of the snow we got.

All three vehicles are free.

We can enter through the front door.

Dogs can go out.

The driveway is clear of snow.

And the trusty Land Rover is put away for the day.

Time to rest and enjoy the beautiful snow through my living room window.


Thank you dad for calling me out into Nemo!




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Just loved reading this.I get up at 0500hrs to clear the snow,so far this year we have had it easy!