The kind of toothpaste you won’t eat, is my homemade kind. Regular toothpaste seems to be the first thing that you children seem to eat, way before real food. I can tell how often it’s eaten out of the tube by the state of the attacked tube and how much toothpaste is coated on the outside. For whatever reason every dentist I have ever had has suggested Crest, which contains sugar. The reason children like to eat toothpaste, sugar!



I would never have known if it hadn’t been for Mia-Aurora coating what seemed like every inch of her body with it while at the same time having a small meal out of the tube. Out of frustration I read the ingredients as to what would possess a child to eat so much and if there was a health concern.

There is was, hidden among other unpronounceable words.  Dextrose.

Seems ironic that we are told to stay away from sugar in fear of hurting our teeth, but yet we clean our teeth with it…..doesn’t make much sense to me. Living a lifestyle that attempts to eliminate sugar leads me to make my own toothpaste, one without sugar.

Toothpaste Recipe

Coconut oil
Baking soda
Pure Peppermint extract
Tea tree mouthwash

I melted the coconut oil in a sauce pan, enough to fill a small mason jar. When the coconut oil had melted, pour baking soda in until the mixture became smooth and like the consistency of toothpaste. Measure out one teaspoon of both the Tea Tree mouthwash for an antibacterial and the pure peppermint extract for taste. Continue to stir and add more baking soda to keep a paste like consistency. Once poured into a container of  choice, it is ready for use.

Toothpaste Consistency

Toothpaste Consistency

The first time I used this toothpaste, I noticed that it is a bit hard because of the coconut oil, so I just used a toothpick to break it up enough for use. It doesn’t have a bitter taste like I expected from so much baking soda, it has a minty taste much like Toms toothpaste and is refreshing.

It makes more sense to me to put in the little effort of making my own toothpaste that doesn’t have sugar in it, is affordable, and is so much better for me. It also stops the consumption by the kids!

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