GOOT creamy

Creamy GOOT

In my search for whole food recipes and ways to eat and stay healthy, I stumbled upon the uniquely interesting powers of GOOT or garlic oil treatment. Mainly garlic blended with extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil,  GOOT is a tasty way to absorb essential vitamins to stay healthy and fight viruses.

I’ve found that for some time garlic has been used as a remedy for cough, colds, bronchitis in traditional Chinese and Indian cultures. Garlic is now more often used for it’s anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and immune boosting and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Lately I have been determined to find home remedies and find a more natural way to treat our aches and pains. When sickness comes to this house, it’s a terrible game of dominoes as it whips through the family.

With all the benefits to garlic, I’ve decided that GOOT would make a very nice addition to both my kitchen and medicinal cabinets. As it’s easy and has seems to do the trick for colds and congestion, it’s worth a try!

1950's hand chopper

1950’s hand chopper

Typically, GOOT is pureed. Instead I beat the little hand chopper with the palm of my hand as fast as I could, to get the consistency that I was looking for. The closest thing we own to a food processor is a 1950’s hand chopper, to say the least, I am not impressed. I chopped the garlic as small as I could, until the garlic began to make a paste.

I added 3 tablespoons of both extra olive oil and coconut oil into the chopper and continued to mix the contents. When the garlic and oil where mixes until it seemed pureed, I stored it in a glass mason jar. Putting it in the fridge, I waited for the coconut oil to become hard and ready for use.



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