Borax, stain bar, Arm & Hammer laundry suds, bucket, rosemary and mint seasoned salts, there is nothing better than making laundry soap with the smells I love most. It isn’t complicated nor does it take that much time, Walmart carried everything I needed.

As a more organic approach to washing, I’m very impressed with this recipe and I continue to use it even for my toughest and dirtiest loads. The more bodies, the more laundry that must be done. When I am able to make laundry detergent, it only takes a tablespoon worth of the soap to clean the clothes versus the half a cup of liquid detergent.

It may take more time, but certainly is worth the savings and how far it stretches.


1 box Borax
1 box Arm & hammer laundry booster
1 Bag of Dr. Teals Epsom salt
1 bar Fels-Naptha

I use one whole Borax and Arm & Hammer laundry booster, with only half a bag of the Epsom salt. I use an old cheese grater and I shave the stain bar into the mixture so as to help with the stains that seem to plague our clothes. I choose a bucket that has a lid, so that I can shake the soaps into a evenly mixed mixture. I use the Epsom salt for the smell, I was using essential oil but I found that the salt works as a cleaning agent and for a lovely clean smell to the clothes. Call me snooty, but I like my clothes to wash well and smell wonderful when they come out. Hand picking my materials insured that I would have a desired result.

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