Rose oil, a highly coveted item in this house. At every opportunity I am looking for ways to make more, because inquiring enough money to buy it just seems to absurd as it takes to long. I don’t think anyone understands just how much I appreciate being given flowers and plants and all the plans I make for them as soon as I have them in my grasp. Given the chance I will make as much as I can out of a resource!

Thus, comes the makings of this new batch of rose oil.

Rose Oil

Rose Oil

As soon as the flowers started to lose their beauty, I deadhead them off their steams and onto a cutting board. Taking the petals of the bloom, I chopped them small, nearly shredded as best I could. I sterilized a new mason jar and filled it with olive oil. Typically, Jojoba oil is used because it infuses better with the rose fragrance but olive works just as well.

I heated the olive oil by putting the mason jar in a pan of water. When the oil was warm, I stuffed the petals into the mason jar and made sure that the oil covered them.¬†Covering the jar with it’s lid, I put it in a warm sunny place beside the wood stove for nearly two weeks awaiting the oil to be infused.

I strained the rose oil out with a coffee filter inside a funnel. I have used a cheesecloth in the past, but a coffee filter works just as well as long as you let the oil drip for some time.

I use rose oil to sooth inflammation or irritations on the skin, by either putting the oil directly on the skin or by mixing in my witch hazel face wash. It works as a pain relief for cramps, swelling and sprains in salves or as a compress. Rose oil has wonderful benefits and it presents a perfect outlet for recycling flowers before they parish.

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