With the coffee grinder firmly pressed against the counter, the coffee was ground fine for the espresso press. Being on the paleo diet limits us to only coconut milk, which I am not terribly fond of. Driven by my distaste for coconut milk, I researched other alternatives that didn’t have an expensive price tag. I came across an article written by a man who discovered the health benefits of blending Yak butter into tea and coffee based on traditions in Tibet. Since Yak butter isn’t easy to come by, I decided that a better alternative would be blended coconut oil and organic butter. Tasty cream known as coconut butter.

Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter

The coconut butter for healthy gums and butter for the taste, I whipped them together till creamy like frosting. When put in tea or coffee it is surprisingly tasty, I can’t seem to get enough! I’ve been whipping this coconut butter into my coffee until it’s creamy and frothy. It is good to know, that the drink with the coconut butter is best when hot, otherwise a oil film forms atop leaving it less appealing to drink.

I’m beginning to find that it’s a trendy thing to do and coffee shops have discovered this innovative way to improve heart health, build muscle, lose fat, gain electrolytes and fight fatigue. The benefits of coconut oil are overwhelming as it provides nutrients for a healthy heart and mind. For those who drink coffee or tea at the beginning of each morning and don’t eat breakfast it is a perfect alternative for their body to receive the nutrients it desperately needs after sleeping the night.

It’s become my go to when I need the calories, when I need a little extra to help me through the afternoon, and as an alternative to milks that taste foreign in my hot drinks. It brings back the comfort of light and creamy from cow’s milk into my paleo dairy free diet.


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