It is time to plant the seeds when the sun brings heat back to us with confident rays. With the hope that we might have a garden this summer, the seeds must be planted indoors if they are to last the cool Alaska summers. With recycled egg cartins, tins, flower pots and plant starters we fill them with the soil, seeds and water and hope that they might take to the warmth of the cabin.

Growing herbs

Growing herbs

We had the brilliant idea that we should place plastic wrap over the top of our pots to make a mock “greenhouse”.

Phin and I watched closely as a week went by and the moisture collected on the plastic wrap and dripped pack into the planters.The vibrant shoots appeared, peaking out from beneath the soil and staring their small stalks
towards the sun. It was impressive, just how fast they grew. It seemed as if everyday we could see more growth and we feared that they would grow to fast and their stalks would ed up spindly and weak.

We are proud to be growing our own food, that we were able to nurture this life and coax it to grow to adulthood. We would wait for the ground to thaw and we would transplant them when we were confident that they could live in the elements. We would let summer nature take over nurturing our once seedlings to bare their fruit for the table. But that is far from now, and we are content with watching them from their tiny planters.

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