The pail was overflowing with leftovers uneaten and banana peals, we were careful when we scraped plates into the bucket that no meat was thrown in. We started composting and dumping it over the frozen ground that would be the garden in the summer. With the frequent warm spells, the ice would melt and reveal more earth giving us more place more finished compost. We put some effort into preparing the ground for our herbs and veggies to take over, through composting and fertilizing the soil as much as possible before our plants strip the ground of nutrients.

An empty coconut oil bucket with the lid was made into a compost bucket without question, the lid would make sure we didn’t smell the decomposing food. Apple cores, stray peas, food from scraped plates made there way into the bucket. Everything would be dumped in preparation for growing plants in the spring.

The compost bin is rolled every week to allow air  it to encourage decomposition by speeding up the process, helping keep down the smell and mixes the material so that it decomposes at the same rate. When haircuts come along, we scoop up the hair and add it to the bin for the source of nitrogen needed for the breakdown process. Sawdust, dead leaves and twigs are added to the bin as an absorbent organic material.

We compost to cut down on our trash, to be good stewards and to make a healthy soil suitable for growing. We try our best to be good stewards and respect what we have been given and improve the soil that we grow our food in. It isn’t complicated and it cuts down on our trash by the bag fulls and provides an alternative to buying good soil and fertilizer, as going organic is much more desirable.

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