His stories built castles with dragons in far off lands he could only reach through portals. When they played outside alone, I could hear them whispering their tale of imagination as it spun a new web of fantasy. Entertainment in this house does not revolve around a TV or video game console, although we do indulge ourselves every once in awhile, the children are made to make their own fun.

The children spend most their time on the floor among the legos and blocks or outside fighting goblins and building forts. They sometimes even surprise me with the knowledge that they are able to consume from books and nature. Creative play opens a world of innovations that are can be made, which in turn can be used for success.

Zeek builds castles and walls

Zeek builds castles and walls

Allow nature to take hold, while nurturing them to be more inclined towards activities that are more welcoming to creativity. Nurturing them towards opening their mind to creativity that already lies within might mean making their game console disappear and making them spend time outside. If a child is used to being entertained then it will take time for them to discover creative play, it’s hard to come out of old habits and form new ones.

It is in our nature to be curious about our world, to be innovative and explore. Setting an example of how to live with creativity is not always easy when we find technology an easy way of entertaining our ever hungry minds. It can not be expected that a new generation will accept a life with limited tech and a life living by the innovations of their own imagination. Unless, a role model sets no limitations on the world and the extent of what they themselves are able to accomplish. To make a better future, it should be expected that we teach our children or the children we have impact on how to let go of the unnecessary and the meaning of “necessity”.

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