Off grid living has fine tuned skills and pushed me to expand my knowledge for the purpose of having a more wholesome livelihood attuned to the lifestyle that we have chose here. The sun rose above the treeline and brought promise to the crisp winter day. The subtle smell of spring lingered in the air and memories of starting fires with wet material deep in the woods sprung to my mind as vibrant as the day. There was so many skills, recipes, and crafts taught to me that at times I can’t quite wrap my mind around everything.

My parents have striven to pass down their knowledge to us and at times to teach us as they teach themselves, from milking goats to finding our way out of the wilderness, to cooking Paleo to construction, from planting to Archery there were no bounds that kept my parents from showing us the greater part of what the world had to offer. In honor of their patience and persistence,  I have decided to grow in teaching skills as well as those that might enhance our state of living.

I am launching a 100 days of activities that are in favor of our off grid, subsistence and organic living.

From homemade toothpaste to basket weaving, I aim to share everything I have learned with my youngest siblings. It will be my goal to learn something new each week, something I did not know before and learn alongside the children. Exploring recipes to organic living, crafts with nature and skills that will help with daily living off grid. I am so thankful for the knowledge that has been shared with me and I hope that the youngest little ones will be just as thankful as I am. Even though they might not appreciate my sentiments at first, I know they will learn to cherish the memories and skills learned as I have given time to grow.  So let spring begin, with a new set of goals and dreams to plant in little minds.



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