Hurricane Gulch

The arch of Hurricane Gulch bridge reaches its arms across the expanse to touch the loose soil of Alaska's most rugged terrain.
Paxson Lake

Paxson Lake

Take your floatation device, swim suite and gear to the freedom of the clear waters of Paxson Lake.
Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier

The blue face of Exit Glacier rises above the earth. The cracks of the glacier like swords and daggers.
Devils Pass Cabin

Devil’s Pass Cabin

In the heart of the Kenai Mountains, Devil's Creek cabin rests in an alpine glade before the plunge into the wide open valley of Resurrection Pass.
At the top of Thompson Pass

Thompson Pass

Valdez lingers on the other side of Thompson pass, beside the Valdez port and backed by glacial slues and mountain peaks.

Clam Gulch

Get down on your hands and knees, dig for the razor claims that bury themselves into the wet sand when the tide is out.
Juneau Lake

Juneau Lake Cabin

At an elevation of 1,300 feet in the Chugach National Forest Juneau Lake Cabin is one of the first rustic cabins on the Resurrection Pass Trail.
Matanuska Glacier at a distance

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier State Recreational Site, is a pit stop for almost everyone traveling north on the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway.

Dump Chickens

I always knew when uncle came into the house. His arrival was followed with the slam of the maple door and the shaking of the window glass. His hollered greetings echoed through the hallways reaching any ea...
Stiles Cabin Trail

So you think your toes are frozen?

Four-hundred and seventy-five miles from my warm bed, four days since a hot shower, and 30 minutes since the last time I could feel my toes I couldn't help but think, Well, this sucks. Frosted Checking ...

Don’t Pack it Away. Send it Away

After the holidays, I always seem to have heaping piles of clothing and things given to me that crowd my bedroom, and make me feel as though I am in a cave. I have always shared a bedroom and have had to share ...
Snow Globes

Homemade Snow Globes

Over the Christmas Holiday I am always looking for ways to entertain my younger siblings. With unlimited time for play their rowdiness can sometimes be overwhelming. We recently completed a wonderful craft that...
Walking into the river.

What Adventurous Kids do for Laughs

The water rippled like a living being, swiftly moving at its own will. The hypothermic temperature took your breath away and your blood seemed to freeze on contact. The sun radiated its brilliant rays reflectin...
Crossing the bridge in Hope to start Resurrection Trail

Resurrection Trail: Day 1

Starting on the trail head in Hope had been a better choice than Coopers Landing, as the trail on this side has a less noticeable incline and easy hills.