Arctic Entries

With a lot of pressure from the kids I accepted an opportunity to tell a story at Arctic Entries, an Alaska storytelling event. The theme was Thicker Than Water Stories of Family, Patriotism, and the Ties That Bind. I guess I had a few things to say about fami...
Overlook in Maine

My Parents Daughter

My parents “ruined my social life” almost every weekend.  They stuffed me into  wheels and carried me away from town, arms crossed I was blindly ignorant to the person I was unfolding to be, shaped by silent lessons and experiences. Now 4,654 miles from hom...
Can't tell the socks apart? Always read the label!

Sock Material

There seems to be the right clothing to wear for certain adventures and the wrong clothing. A few days drive from home with the wrong socks can make a trip cold and miserable. Different types of sock materials seem to be good for different adventures. Wo...


With the collar upturned on my coat the fabric scratched my cheek, I pulled the turtleneck collar of my sweater underneath up and close to my chin. The soft loved worn wool sweater no longer had the new scratchiness. The wonderful thing about wool, with enough...

How to Crochet a Hat, for Beginners

In the winter time I spend much of my time crocheting. It is a perfect way to be useful during movies in the evening or when the cold keeps us indoors in cabins. It also has been made quite handy for making new "in town" gear (mostly scarves up to this point)....
Stanley Thermos

The Stanley Thermos

Hot chocolate was poured into the Stanley thermos, before heading to Hatchers Pass for a day of sledding and snow-machining. The temperature had sat at a chilly -10 F in Anchorage, but with the wind and clear skies in the pass created a frigid wind chill. Sitt...

Kerosene Lamps

In the growing darkness the cabin sits on the edge of the woods, the cabins light spills out onto the snow. The previous called  hurricane lamps have become the main source of light in the cabins and are now considered as the cabin lamps. These oil lamps ha...
Tools for survival

The Survival Needs

On every trip we take to the wilderness, each kid carries their own survival bag. Its  packed with everything a kid might need to survive if we were to encounter the situation. There have been many times were we have used items in the pack for quick fixes or m...
Trail over the snow

West Swan Lake Cabin

Nestled in the remote sides of the Chugach mountains, West Swan Lake cabin sits on the peaceful and still waters of Swan Lake. Unlike the other cabins on Resurrection Pass there is no trail to this cabin. The only way in is by a 15 minute flight by float plane...
Faculty and Advisor

First Semester of College

Switching high schools three times, I spent my junior and high school years at Alaska Pacific University. Now, I'm a UA Scholars student.  A 1st time freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage. And I am starting with 50+ college credits.  Yeah me! As memor...

Chitina, Alaska

The town of Chitina is located on the banks of the west Copper river off the Edgerton Highway. Chitina, Alaska rests in  between the feet of rolling hills and craggy mountains. It's the last sign of civilization before travelers embark on their journey to the ...

Sleep better in a tent

I woke up at noon…. Again. I looked around the room, no one was there. I got up got dressed and went upstairs. I ate… um… breakfast? And started working on whatever seemed like the least amount of work. At nightfall I entered my room and remembered that eve...

Truth About Alaska

We need to set some things straight. Alaska is 2,291 miles north of the U.S. border. Alaska is not next to Hawaii. Just because Alaska shows up on a map in a box next to Hawaii doesn't mean that's where it actually is. If I had a penny every time I had to a...
Step five

How to: Easy entertainment with rice

Are your children bored with their same old toys? With three items you can give your child hours of entertainment. For extra fun you just need a plastic cup and tape. I was successful with this activity for children ages one to seven. Step 1) The items you...

How to: tea light candle holder

Looking for an enjoyable, relaxing activity to do with the kids? Here are 5 simple steps to create a beautiful candle holder. Step 1) The supplies you're going to need consist of: Glitter Epsom salt Glass jar Glue Paint brush Measuring cup Two plasti...
Baby dressed in layers with tiny sleeping bag as outer shell.

Comforts for Baby

We received a new product to review from BzzAgent - a pack of free coupons from Comforts for Baby including diapers, wipes, baby wash, baby lotion, and baby burp cloths.
Alaska mountains in Winter

Losing a phone I found my family.

The silent scream of the iPhone 5s could not be heard over the quiet roar of the snowmachine. The phone slid out of a pocket, tumbled, then disappeared into the deep powder. Arriving in late evening the concern focused on fire, food and sleeping bags. Th...

Teklanika River Campground

Twenty-nine miles on the Park Road marks the end of the line for private vehicles and a quiet haven for campers.  Teklanika River Campground is 'the' destination for park explorers. Our June camping experience along the Teklanika river included a 1/4 filled...

Books vs Adventure

Brisk winds driving the chill to the center of my bones. Somewhere, somehow the sufferings of the wild transform me.

Dalton Highway Roadside Camping

The Dalton has many pullouts perfect for camping. Be sure to choose your spot wisely! Always park well off the road. Look for places that provide a barrier of trees, shrubs, or even a hill providing protection against dust and flying stones. We've experi...

Slaven’s Roadhouse

Located atop a steep embankment on river left, rests the largest refuge for weary travelers on the Yukon River, Slaven’s roadhouse.


My imagination seems to be a ghost, haunting me every moment I breath. Creating illusions no one wants to confront. It gives me fear, hope, inspiration. Every creak and groan in the stairs turns into a wolf in the night. The sway of the trees, rustle of the br...
Yukon river at Slaven's Road House

Yukon River, Alaska

The mountains and river appeared timeless. Yet, the landscape and water transformed us in less than a week. All our worldly troubles remained on the banks in Eagle as the current took the rafts downstream. Warm sun and blue skies watched over us as we bonde...
Cabin and bluff

Nation Bluff Cabin, Yukon River

The cabin is located river right and well into the forest. The public use cabin marker blends with the surrounding landscape and we nearly missed the sign altogether. The cabin is located a good distance into the forest keeping it safe from flooding. And creat...